Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Increasing Employee Retention Through Employee Engagement

You've seen it happen many times. An organization that provides top wages and benefits loses a great employee to a competitor for no apparent reason. Of course, some employee turnover is to be expected, but if your company is truly engaging your employees, there is no good reason for the unexpected loss of quality staff members. Many companies already know that wages and benefits are important to employees, but compensation alone is not enough to keep the highly skilled, motivated and experienced workforce your business needs to excel.
Why is Employment Engagement so important?
An organization's capacity to manage employee engagement is closely related to its ability to achieve high performance levels and superior business results.
Engaged employees will stay with the company, be an advocate of the company and its products and services, and contribute to bottom line business success. Engaged employees also normally perform better and are more motivated. There is a significant link between employee engagement and profitability. Employee engagement is critical to any organization that seeks not only to retain valued employees, but also increase its level of performance.

Many organizational factors influence employee engagement and retention such as:
  • A culture of respect where outstanding work is valued
  • Availability of constructive feedback and mentoring
  • Opportunity for advancement and professional development
  • Fair and appropriate reward, recognition and incentive systems
  • Availability of effective leadership
  • Clear job expectations
  • Adequate tools to complete work responsibilities
  • High levels of motivation
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