Wednesday, February 3, 2010

12 Things That Your Employees Don’t Like About You | Easy Small Business


In my role as an employee relations consultant for both supervisors and employees at various companies, I’ve met with scores of workers who have voiced a litany of concerns about the things that they don’t like about their managers.  The goal of this list below is not to pass judgment but, to make supervisors more aware of employee perceptions;  giving those managers who may identify with the concerns expressed an opportunity to make changes over time.

Some of the most common complaints that employees have leveled against their supervisors:

  1. Regularly showing preferential treatment to some employees over others
  2. Micromanager; no faith in the employee’s ability to perform the job
  3. Supervisors who don’t have an understanding the work that they do and the daily challenges that they face
  4. Too administrative, (inability to perform the day to day aspects of the job(s) of the people that they supervise
  5. Lack of support; particularly when problems occur, (not watching their employees backs)
  6. Not having direct access to you when needed
  7. Lack of communication and feedback
  8. Lack of acknowledgement or praise for special accomplishments on the job
  9. Not working as hard as they do, (not in the office, always in meetings)
  10. Not being an effective leader.  This perception includes the supervisor that lets peers walk all over them to not dealing immediately with disruptive or difficult employees
  11. Not showing your “human” side
  12. Not listening/Talking over them/Ignoring them

Dianne Shaddock is the Founder of Easy Small Business, a website which provides “Quick and Simple Human Resources Strategies for Small Businesses, Non Profits, and Entrepreneurs.  Go to Easy Small Business for more tips on how to hire and manage your staff more effectively.

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