Monday, December 7, 2009

The Emerging Field of Enterprise Engagement

The Emerging Field of Enterprise Engagement
from the Articles Section of Enterprise Engagement Alliance

The field of Enterprise Engagement focuses on achieving long-term financial results for organizations by strategically aligning the management of customers, distribution partners, employees, salespeople and all human capital. Enterprise Engagement is distinct from the fields of financial management, marketing, sales, operations and human resources in that it seeks to achieve long-term success by integrating these various business disciplines to continually focus the organization on identifying and meeting customer needs.

Organizations based on Enterprise Engagement work collaboratively across business units to find the best way to achieve long-term financial results by maximizing human capital, both internally and externally. The goal is to unify the organization to continually seek better ways to help customers and create new opportunities for the business rather than simply finding ways to improve processes. Enterprise Engagement looks at human capital in an integrated fashion, rather than separating customer and distribution partner engagement from sales or employee engagement.

AstraZeneca, McDonald’s, Southwest Airlines and Campbell Soup are examples of companies run on the basis Enterprise Engagement.

In contrast to organizations run under the principals of Enterprise Engagement, traditional businesses tend to use a siloed approach in which each department or division often works with significant independence, often with different, unrelated goals. This type of organization has a tendency to focus on maintaining and improving processes as a way for each business unit to gain more resources and influence. Many companies are willing to sacrifice customer service to save money, such as instituting voice mail systems well known to annoy most people, often unable to measure any financial cost to the dissatisfaction of customers. It is easier to measure the cost-savings than the value of customer engagement. READ MORE...CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL SOURCE

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