Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why Employee Perspective Matters

With no context and with no other perspective, we have no idea what to make of the anything. We don't know if something is a masterpiece or something I just painted. It may look simple and unimpressive.

If you saw an isolated piece, say a two inch square of what looked like a bunch of brown and tan blotches in an art gallery, how much would you pay for it? Oh sure, if it matches your couch and rug, the value increases a little bit. But there is nothing special about it.

Without the context of the rest of the picture, you'll never know if it is actually part of something special or just a bunch of blotches.

If you think of business as a work of art, your employees are the artists. And while each one may be working on something simple and incomplete, the beauty of your business comes out when all of those pieces fit together.

Of course, the amazing part is how knowing the bigger picture makes all the difference. Say that unidentifiable piece was from the famous Mona Lisa. You would look at it and much more you understand its place in this masterpiece.

If your employee was working on that part of your masterpiece, they now know the pieces they have to blend and work with. They have to make sure the transition between the sky and her hairline is smooth and in sync with the rest. That the part in her hair transitions nicely into her face.

You could have a masterpiece and no one at your company would ever know if they didn't have that perspective.

Not only that, they would never have the ability to see what they are doing right or wrong so they lose a lot of natural feedback.

So now how important is perspective in context as it relates to employees?