Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Encouraging Recognition Every Day Boosts Employee Engagement

Sometimes clients tell us their senior management is resistant to employee surevys because they do not want to hear the results. They think that, when it comes to retaining key staff, money is what it's about. Extra money might get employees to stay on for a while, longer than they might otherwise, but they are ultimately going to leave if they don’t feel valued and engaged. Below are three keys to keep in mind in order to leverage the motivational power of recognition programs:

• Recognition is most effective when it is used on a regular and consistent basis -- like a day-to-day part of the culture
• Encouraging employees to give positive praise to one another builds mutual respect and leads to higher overall employee engagement
• The more senior and powerful an individual, the greater the impact of their own behavior for better or worse. The way senior managers conduct themselves every day has a major impact on organizational culture

So what have you done to recognize your colleagues today? Your day-to-day behavior can make a difference in the employee engagement levels of those around you.

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